Single origin ground coffee MOONSONED MALABAR AA 125 gr.


Carefully sourced from select growers, our single-origin, or gourmet, coffees have unique characteristics and nuances that offer real sensorial experiences for the taste buds and nose. Suitable for espresso coffee, each one also performs at its best when extracted with other methods, such as the moka pot, French press or V60 Dripper.

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This variety is grown in old plantations over 1200 meters above sea level. Theentire drying process takes more than 3 months, during which coffee beans are deposited in loyers within structures with open sides to absorb the humid air and salty monsoon along the Malabar coast. Intense aroma with hints of hazelnut, pepper and incense. Full-bodied and vigorous, chocolaty with a low acidity.

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Weight125 g
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